Medical Records

Revelus Dermatology complies with state and federal standards when managing and maintaining patient medical records. Patients can conveniently access, retain, and transfer their records at no cost through the self-service Electronic Medical Records (EMR) portal. All requests for the release of medical records have associated processing and handling fees. These fees are a reflection of the time and effort our staff dedicates to ensuring your records are accurately and securely transferred. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Medical Record Release Request Specifics

A standard records release encompasses medical records from the past year. For requests from another physician or healthcare facility, we need your signature and relevant release information. Any release spanning over 1 year or exceeding 20 pages is considered an extensive records release.

Patients can access their records via the EMR Portal at no charge. Specific release request fees apply based on the complexity of the records:

  • EMR Portal: Free
  • Standard Records Release: $6.50
  • Extensive Records Release: $6.50 + additional costs for production, postage, and staff time

Upon Dr. Anne Epstein's retirement in 2021, Revelus Dermatology assumed custodial medical record responsibilities for her patients. Should you transition your care to us, we'll cover the transfer fees to integrate all available records from Dr. Epstein into the EMR portal. Prior Dr. Epstein patients that have established care at our office are considered can access the EMR Portal. For records requests, all paper records will be digitized and provided “as is”.

  • EMR Portal: Not Available
  • Standard Records Release: $25.00
  • Extensive Records Release: $50.00 for records over 150 pages. $75 for records of 500 pages.